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The Woman's Club of Englewood hosts a wide variety charitable and fundraising events. Below you will find some of our most recent events. In addtion, you may also find current news, and general updates.

Potluck Luncheon & Program: Qi-Gong and Aromatherapy

Social Services

Potluck Lucheon: $25 Per person to attend. $20 per person if you bring your favorite food or dessert!

Program: Qi-Gong and Aromatherapy is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial arts training. With roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts, qigong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi), translated as "life energy".[3] Qigong practice typically involves moving meditation, coordinating slow flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and calm meditative state of mind.

04/29/2019 | 12:00 PM

General & Annual Meeting

Officer Installation & Art Lovers Connection - PART I

05/13/2019 | 1:00 PM

1. 2019-2020 Woman's Club of Englewood Officer Installation

2. Using colorful slides, Susan Altman will give a crash course in identifying Art Movements over the ages.
On May 14, Tuesday, there will be a trip at 11:00 a.m. to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to enjoy
(Art Lovers Connection PART II)


Paper Flowers

05/20/2019 | 1:00 PM

Yvonne Crichton gives a Paper Flower Demonstration.


2019 Spring Fashion Show

05/22/2019 | 6:00 PM

Spring Fashion Show Fundraiser to celebrate 124th Anniversary!
This event will showcase Fashion by Gabi, and is $75 per person for wine and dinner.

Check back for updates! More Events will be announced soon!

Below are some photos from our first installation of the Carriage House Concert Series.

The performers are Ani Kalayjian, also Woman's Club of Englewood member and co-chair of Music, Bela Horvath on the violin and Mialtin Zhezha on the viola. They performed Bach's Goldberg Variations, debuted 28-year-old native Lebanese Layale Chaker's Orison and played Hungarian Ernst von Dohnanyi's Serenade in C major, Op. 10 for Violin, Viola and Cello -- all phenomenally!

Carraigehouse concert image1
Carraigehouse concert image2
Carraigehouse concert image3
Carraigehouse concert image4